Connected Momma

A group for mommas of all stages…

Those of you hoping to become one someday, those of you in the thick of it now and for those who remember when they had little handprints everywhere. 💜

My focus will be on providing information on the most healing options for your life through honest, open conversations about products, food, exercise and medical freedom. My hope is that this group creates a place to help you connect to your heart, your body, your ideals and your family, in order to make informed decisions that are right for you and your family.

Knowledge is power and there’s strength in numbers. The more we know, the more powerful we become as educated, conscious and connected women, mothers and consumers.

Please note the information provided in this group is not medical advice and all medical questions should be directed towards a medical professional on an individual basis 

Toxin Free Living

This list is compiled from my own favorite products that I’ve found through trial and error over the years, and products that are recommended by an incredible group of women who are on the same mission as we are… to reduce body burden by using toxin-free products.

I have included links to as many products as possible, some of them even providing you with discounts!


Toxin Free Living

*There are more toxin-free options than what I have listed, but if I tried it and it didn’t perform well… it didn’t make the cut! Safety AND performance are what I’m looking for and the only products I will recommend for you!

Have a question about a specific product? Message me directly or ask in a post in The Connected Momma.