New Patients

We would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to Bemis Tupman Chiropractic. Rest assured that we are here to support you on your journey to wellness!

Your first visit to our office

You will be greeted by our friendly staff and welcomed to our office. Forms will be available for you to fill out, or you can download them by clicking the button below and bring them in with you already competed. Then you’ll receive a complimentary consultation from the doctor.

An evaluation will help us determine if chiropractic will help you and if our office is the right place for you. If so, a focused examination is given on the spinal column and the rest of your body. X-rays will be taken on-site if needed. Your first visit with us will take 45-60 minutes, including the time necessary to complete paperwork.

Dedicated Specialty Care

During your second visit we will be reviewing the findings from your initial evaluation and receiving a chiropractic adjustment. We encourage your spouse or another family member to attend this visit with you, so they understand what to expect. Your second visit with us will take 30-45 minutes.

Ongoing Care

Regular visits will take 10-15 minutes. We will work with you to educate you on the benefits of chiropractic and the effects of helping you create a better quality of life. We will never decide what is best for you, the choice is always yours.

Payment Information

Providing chiropractic care to your whole family is important to us, so we have various payment options available to suit your needs. Although we do accept insurance, it is not necessary to have insurance to have your spine checked and improve your quality of life!

Allow our family to care for your family

Insurances Accepted

Community Talks

We want our patients to be the most educated health care patients in our community. We offer a variety of printed materials at our office and hold community lectures in various location. Topics discussed are health and welfare, chiropractic, nutrition, exercise and acupuncture. Contact us today if you’d like one of our doctors to speak at your event.