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Did you know that the nerves of your body are responsible for telling your body what to do? Our nervous system also tells our body how to do things and when. Without this system, we would be unable to function. Though the nervous system is designed to work correctly, there are forms of interference that can stop it from operating at its highest level.

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The delicate nerves of our body run through the spine. If there is a misalignment in the spine, also called a subluxation, the signals from your brain won’t be properly communicated.

The result? Most commonly, pain, numbness and dysfunction.

Our job as chiropractors is to address the segments of your spine that aren’t moving the way they should.

Lily Adjustment
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Conditions That Could Be Bothering You

○ Acid reflux/GERD ○ Back pain ○ Plantar fasciitis
○ Asthma/breathing problems ○ Ear infections ○ Extremity pain
○ Headaches ○ Sciatica ○ Migraines
○ Neck pain ○ Shoulder pain

Our Chiropractic Techniques

We pride ourselves on taking a tailored approach to your care. This means your care will be customized to your individual needs through a detailed evaluation process. We then determine the techniques we think are best-suited to your care. If you have a preference or any concerns, please let us know, as we’ll always accommodate you.

For our clients with limited mobility, we have a specialized “Hi Lo” table. These tables allow you to get on them standing, then are lowered to a prone position with the touch of a button. You’ll be able to easily get on and off our tables.

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Specialized Techniques

The Palmer Package

Our chiropractors attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, the very first school of chiropractic. At this institution, they learned a set of techniques referred to as the Palmer Package. These methods are like the traditional form of chiropractic, applied using the hands. We’ll balance your nervous system from the neck down.

Instrument-Based Techniques

We utilize the ProAdjuster® and the Activator® instruments. The ProAdjuster is a computer-based system that uses a series of taps to make the adjustment. The Activator is a handheld instrument that is highly effective. These techniques are appropriate for people who feel nervous about seeing a chiropractor or have had back surgery. We may also use them to adjust our pediatric patients. <

Webster Technique

Our pregnant patients can benefit from having the Webster Technique. It’s specific and low-force, which means it’s safe for you and your baby. By addressing the ligaments attaching to the pelvis, we can help you optimize your pregnancy experience.

Toggle Specific

Taught in just three schools in the nation, Toggle Specific is a technique that addresses your upper neck. It’s highly specific, and our doctors are uniquely trained in applying it.

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