The Bemis name has been a part of our community for decades. The Bemis family’s connection to chiropractic started back in 1915 when Dr. Kristina Bemis Tupman’s great-grandfather graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Her grandfather and father continued on the family tradition, with her father opening our current Alton location on July 4, 1986. We also serve those in Godfrey.

Dr. Kristina joined her father’s practice in 2015 and her husband, Dr. Stephen Tupman, joined them in 2017. Together, Dr. Kristina and Dr. Stephen took over the practice in December of 2019 and Bemis Tupman Chiropractic was born. They’re proud to carry on a legacy of providing quality natural care for all ages.

We’re a family practice in more than one way.

We welcome everyone, from infants to expecting moms, athletes and senior citizens. There’s nothing better than serving families who are all living at their best health potential.

It’s our goal to have a safe, joyful and fun place for everyone. Each time you see us, you’ll have your full body health addressed. We take our time to educate you on what you can do to enhance your well-being. We’re respectful of your time while ensuring that you have a positive experience at each visit.